More Broken Promises Coming Under Labor

Monday, 19 February 2024
A message from Luke

I trust that everyone had a wonderful holiday break filled with family, joy and some relaxation. The start of a new year brings hope and can inspire new goals to form. I hope you have taken some time to reflect on 2023, and envision and create the new year you dream of. 2024 is an important year. Now more than ever, it has become apparent that Labor Government’s across the country are not interested in addressing the cost of living crisis, but are more concerned with pleasing their union donors and playing identity politics. And now we see that they can’t be trusted as they break their promise with drastic changes to the already legislated Stage 3 Income Tax Cuts. But the good news is that in October of this year, we will have a chance to start showing Labor the door in Queensland. We already have one candidate pre-selected in the seat of Petrie. Kerri-Anne Dooley will run as the LNP’s candidate in Redcliffe, while Bancroft, Murrumba, Aspley and Sandgate will all be selecting candidates in the coming months. I am looking forward to seeing what this year holds and to once again represent you as your Federal MP.

Albanese's Broken Promises

A handshake and your word used to mean something, but not with Prime Minister Albanese.

2024 kicked off with another broken promise by the Albanese Labor Government. 

Labor’s plan for a better economic future couldn’t be further from reality.

The current state of the cost of living crisis is only getting worse, and his plan is to break an election promise

Parliament review

Under the Albanese Labor Government everything costs more. With school returning, mandatory school supply costs are soaring.
Sarah and Brendan have three young children and are struggling in this cost of living crisis. They’ll now have to contend with rising back to school costs. 

From uniforms to supplies, there has been a massive increase in prices and the financial burden placed on families.

In what is already a tumultuous time for Australian families, the Albanese Labor Government has completely failed to address rapidly rising electricity prices and increased costs at the grocer.

Prior to the 2022 Federal Election, Anthony Albanese promised to slash power bills by $275 in a bid to win over swing voters. Some 18 months later, the Government has delivered sharp increases in household electricity bills and have facilitated the skyrocketing of grocery bills.

In what is just another hit to the hip-pocket of working Australian families, the Albanese Government have made back-to-school even harder.


I am proud to be Australian. We truly do live in the best country in the world. Through your contributions and the contributions of those around you, we are all able to make the world a better place for future generations. Australia Day is an important day for recognition of our successes as a Nation. We are a multicultural nation, which is a great strength of our country. It is no accident that Australia is the most successful multicultural nation. We are home to people from all over the world who live peacefully side-by-side. Regardless of background or identity, Australia is a place to call home for many. I am proud to be an Australian and I will continue to work hard to improve the future for all Australians. I will continue to advocate for the importance of Australia Day. I am proud to be Australian. I want your support. I am asking you to sign my petition and support Australia Day. This is a time for pride in what we have achieved and who we are.


Parliament returns on Tuesday 6 February. I look forward to representing Petrie and being able to bring forward the issues that matter most to you. If there is something you would like me to raise in Parliament, please email me at


Small Business Visits

As a former small business owner, I am aware of the opportunities and challenges they encounter throughout their day to day lives. I am able to hear what is most important to you when I have the opportunity to visit many small and family-run businesses around Petrie.

Mobile Offices

The first mobile office for the year was a hit! Held at the Drowned Rat Espresso in Clontarf, I had the privilege of meeting so many community members and constituents, and engaged in conversations about what matters most to you.

Citizenship Ceremonies

It was a great pleasure to welcome 450 new Australian citizens into our country on Australia Day. There is nothing more Australian then celebrating new life in our great country. Welcome New Australian Citizens!


Saturday 3rd February | 11am – 3pm

Redcliffe Tigers AFC Family Fun & Sign On Day
@ Nathan Road Sporting Complex, Kippa-Ring

Saturday 3rd February | 10am – 2pm
North Lakes Kangaroos RLFC
@ Henry Road, Griffin

Saturday 3rd February | 9am – 11am
Deception Bay Girl Guides – Come & Try Day
@ Deception Bay Guide Hut

Saturday 3rd February | 10am – 12pm
North Lakes Blues Netball Club – Open Day
@ Aurora Blvd Park

Sunday 4th February | 9am – 10am
Ridgettes Netball Club – Come & Try Day
@ Bill Brown Netball Courts, Bracken Ridge

Friday 9th February | 5pm onwards
Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union
@ Ray Frawley Fields, 23 Silcock St. Clontarf