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Thank you for taking the time to sit and chat with me about our report. We spoke extensively about hope for young people, I’m happy to say. Seeing your engagement and willingness to have a conversation with me left me with some hope and trust in our nation’s leaders.  Thank you.

Rhett Kleine

UNICEF Youth Ambassador

Thank you for the congratulatory card you sent me for my upcoming 80th birthday. Quite unexpected and a nice surprise. My wife and I have always been impressed with the personal contact you keep up with your constituents. 

We have lived at our current address for twenty-nine years and we both agree you have been the best government representative we have had in our area, at any of the three levels of government.

Keep up the good work.

Russell Moore

Local constituent

Luke generously took the time to listen to our difficult situation and in an incredibly quick turnaround delivered on his promise with his team. We are very fortunate to have his voice for our community.

Troy, Vasa and Slavjanka Stoilkovski

Luke Howarth is one of the most dedicated and hard working politicians that I have had the privilege of working with.

Luke is a great family man and an outstanding advocate for the North Brisbane Region.  We are very lucky to have him.

Katrina Houghton

I have personally known Luke since he first started as the local federal member for Petrie. I originally heard about Luke through our mutual desire to create more jobs in our great community, and I was part of several events Luke organised to assist job seekers of all ages.

Having lived in this region for 16 years, Luke is the most locally-focused politician I have ever met. His commitment to local people and local issues is stronger than any other politician from either party I have interacted with.

Nick Schuster

Director, Scarborough Physio and Health

Luke genuinely cares for the people he represents and has worked tirelessly during his terms in office.

He is a good family man and has grown up in this area, worked in this area and has run businesses in this area. That in itself speaks volumes.

Regardless of your political persuasion Luke is a man of the local people and I see him as the best person to continue to represent our beautiful electorate of Petrie.


Luke is extremely responsive. He will meet with you in person, return a call, and he has returned every email I have ever sent him – and I can assure you other local politicians do not have the same courtesy when it comes to listening to their constituents and returning correspondence.

All in all, Luke is a modern gentleman who loves this beautiful region in which we live, and he has served Redcliffe to the best of his ability.

Andrew Reibelt

Principal - RealWay Property Consultants Redcliffe

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