Modern Nuclear Power

Of the world’s 20 largest economies, Australia is the ONLY ONE not to be embracing nuclear energy.

Electricity prices are soaring, sending average Australian families broke! If power was actually cheaper to consumers just using solar and wind, why are our power bills up $600-700 annually, in the last 2 years alone?
Anthony Albanese and the Labor Government said before the last election, they would reduce power bills by $275, instead they’ve gone up drastically with the roll out of solar and wind.

Australian’s are experiencing increasing black-outs. Many renewable energy sources are weather dependent, unlike power from nuclear energy, which can be generated 24 hours a day and isn’t dependent on the weather, like wind and solar.

Australia’s uranium reserves are the world’s largest, with around one-third of global resources. Nuclear power stations run on uranium so could it be time for Australia to shift its attitude on nuclear power?


Renewable energy comes from sources like solar and wind farms, which cost Australian taxpayers billions on transmission lines and are environmentally impactful.
With gas and coal being phased out, we need nuclear energy in conjunction with renewable sources to keep the lights on and make electricity bills affordable.

Australia will have nuclear powered AUKUS submarines in 8 years time (2032). We also use nuclear in Australia to support essential health services in x-rays, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy to treat cancers.

Nuclear power is one of the world’s energy sources that emits the least greenhouse gas. It’s very low CO2 emission rate – less than solar for example – makes it an essential energy for the low-carbon transition.
Australia is working to reduce emissions by 2050.

Did you know there is a ban on nuclear energy? The ban is 20 years old and no longer relevant, given that coal and gas will phase out over the next 25 years.
We don’t have to spend hundreds of billions dollars on transmission lines on environmentally impactful wind and solar farms.

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