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Live Animal Export

Luke has previously spoken in Parliament on the live cattle export industry and asked that I send a copy of his speech, which I have

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The Australian Government takes the welfare of all animals very seriously and understands its importance to the Australian community. Livestock export can be a very

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Mitochondrial Donation

Mitochondrial disease is a serious condition with potentially devastating consequences for patients and their families. The Minister acknowledges that the potential use of mitochondrial donation

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When it comes to e-cigarettes, the important message is that they’re not a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes or vaping, act as nicotine induction

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Foreign Aid Programme

There has been a lot said in recent months about Australia’s foreign aid Programme. I value Australia’s aid programme and am proud of the results

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Carmichael Mine Project

Carmichael Mine Project Financing for the Carmichael mine project is a commercial matter and the final decision on whether to proceed with the project rests

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