Half way through 2024

Monday, 3 June 2024

June means that we are halfway through the year. Wow, how did we get here so fast? This year has been full of many memorable community visits and events and I have had the privilege to meet so many new faces in our electorate. Just two short weeks ago, the Albanese Labor Government handed down their third budget. We needed a budget focused on a back to basics economic agenda that: 1) Restores our standard of living and tames inflation - by taking pressure off the prices of essentials and delivering affordable energy for families and business. 2) Restores prosperity and creates opportunity for all Australians - so small businesses are rewarded for their effort, and young Australians have the chance to own a home. 3) Restores budget discipline and honesty - including re-introducing the Coalition’s fiscal guardrails, a tax-to-GDP cap and delivering a structural surplus not a windfall surplus Unfortunately, this budget does not do that. The Stage 3 Income Tax Cuts that the former Coalition Government brought forward, come into effect on July 1. Within the Budget Speech, the Treasurer outlined that each household would receive $300 off their electricity bill from July 1. Well, this is good news for Queenslanders with Steven Miles also announcing that we will receive $1000 off our electricity bills from July 1.

This means that Queenslanders will get $1300 off our electricity come July 1. These electricity payments are a one year sugar hit to assist with the cost of living. However, what happens next year and the year after that? Under Labor's Renewable Energy plan the price of electricity will continue to skyrocket. I recall when Anthony Albanese said that he would axe energy prices by $275 for each household before he was elected, but the prices have increase over 20%. Another broken promise by the Albanese Labor Government. In regards to our electorate, there is nothing in it for Petrie. Several of our infrastructure projects have been left out of the budget yet again. I have secured funding for many projects within our electorate and have advocated in parliament on several occasions for the urgency that these projects need to commence as soon as possible. This is very disappointing to see that the Labor Government is not assisting Petrie with its much needed funding for infrastructure projects electorate wide. Aside from the budget and infrastructure talk, I can assure you that I am hearing your cost of living worries and struggles and am putting pressure on this Government to answer to the Australian people. I am continuing to be your voice from Petrie to Parliament and am working hard for you!

Deception Bay Mobile Office

Deception Bay Mobile Office

Joined by the Federal Member for Barker, Tony Pasin, we had a wonderful morning at the Zesty Lemon Café in Deception Bay.

Thank you to everyone who came out to chat with us. I love connecting with Petrie locals.

Stay tuned for my next Mobile Office.

KYST Engineering

Visiting KYST Engineering today to check out their facilities. A great local business in Clontarf, Steven and Kylie have over 50 staff on the books and are continually growing by employing new people.

In the last 10 years, they have tripled in size and turnover.

Pooches of Petrie

From wagging tails to happy howls, hosting the Pooches of Petrie event was a barking success! A wonderful morning gathering with the community.

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate our furry friends.

Mother's Day

On May 12 we celebrated the incredible women who shape our lives with love, wisdom, and unwavering support.

I hope all the phenomenal mums out there had a special day filled with love!


Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege to attended the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) Roadshows in both Melbourne and Brisbane. Connecting with financial services professionals and hearing real world experiences about the industry is always insightful. I had the opportunity to speak at both of these events and highlight the importance of the work financial advisors do in a cost of living crisis.


Parliament is in full swing, and I have the privilege of representing Petrie and being able to bring forward the issues that matter most to you. If there is something you would like me to raise in Parliament, please email me at Luke.Howarth.mp@aph.gov.au


When your child turns 14, you won’t be able to access their My Health Record anymore. They can choose to give you access as a nominated representative.
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Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
If you’ve reached Age Pension age and you’re not eligible for a Pensioner Concession Card (PCC), you may be able to get a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC). The CSHC can help with the cost of health care and medicines, and give you access to other discounts.
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Anniversary Requests
Do you have someone special in your life celebrating a milestone. You can request messages for 50th, 60th, 65th and 70th and every year after for wedding anniversaries, and 90th and 100th birthdays via my website at:

Local Sporting Champions
Financial assistance to successful applicants aged 12-18 participating in state, national or international championships.
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Local Para Champions
Financial assistance to successful applicants aged 12-24 participating in state, national or international championships.
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Saturday 1 June | 7:35pm kick-off
NRL Dolphins v Canberra Raiders
@ Kayo Stadium, Redcliffe

Saturday 1 June | 1pm – 5pm
Jazz & Shiraz
@ Newport Park, Newport

Saturday 8 June | 9am – 3pm
St Joseph’s Fete
@ 30 Eldorado Street, Bracken Ridge

Sunday 16 June | 8am – 12pm
Pooches in the Park
@ Apex Park, Woody Point


Sunday 23 June | 9am – 1pm
Bracken Ridge Lions Train Day
@ McPherson Park, Bracken Ridge

Fri 28 June – Sun 30 June | 9am – 4pm
Redcliffe Show
@ Redcliffe Show Grounds, Redcliffe

Have a community event or activity on this year? Let me know!
Email me at: Luke.Howarth.mp@aph.gov.au