What I love about Australia – Mueller College Fete

Friday, 1 September 2023

I recently attended the Mueller College school fete in Rothwell. I asked locals to share with me what they love about Australia. I had comments such as: 

“So much opportunity for everyone, regardless of race, beliefs or skills. Seriously best opportunities available.” 

“It’s given us the best life.” 

“Its multicultural system.” 

Scarlett who’s 9 said “The freedom that we have and the soldiers that protect us.” 

Ruby who’s 14 said “Beautiful beaches.” 

Hadley who’s 15 said “The people who inspire so many of us.” 

Namsai who’s 10 said “It’s a free country.” 

Aurora who’s 12 said “The land is so beautiful.” 

And Noah, who’s 8 said “Everything!”

Personally, I love Australia’s beautiful environment, its diverse landscapes and our vibrant communities. Australians have worked and fought hard to create a society that offers excellent opportunities, rewards hard work and offers a hand up for those in need. Our diverse and rich cultural heritage, coupled with the strength of our democratic freedoms, is something that we must protect. Australia is a country that we can be proud of. It’s the best country in the world.