Moreton Bay Olympic Taskforce

In November 2021, we held a meeting about the prospect of forming a local taskforce for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

If there was one key takeaway from the meeting, it was the overwhelming support in favour of establishing a taskforce. Thank you for providing such a clear endorsement.

As we take the next steps of defining Terms of Reference (TOR) and designing an Expression of Interest (EOI) process, we will be informed by the feedback received on the three strategic questions posed at the meeting.

Below is an overview of the main feedback points received. 

On the first question – what do we want the 2032 Games to achieve for our region? key responses were:

1 – Infrastructure Improvements

  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Community & sporting facilities
  • Accommodation stock

2. Economic Opportunities

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Investment & Procurement
  • Tourism, events & training
  • Employment

3. Social Opportunities

  • Community engagement
  • Sport, health & wellbeing
  • Natural and built environment

On the second question – what activities would a taskforce undertake? – responses fell into two areas:

1. The role of a Taskforce

  • The voice of the community
  • Stakeholder engagement & communication
  • Run events & programs

2. Possible Immediate Activities of a Taskforce

  • Audit facilities & demand
  • Opportunity research & analysis
  • Future visioning exercise

On the third question – who should be involved in the Taskforce? – responses fell into three areas:

1. Guiding Principles

  • Unity & working together
  • Bottom-up community driven
  • Inclusive and collaborative
  • 3 tiers of government

2. Representation

  • Diverse but especially young people
  • All sectors, noting sport is key
  • Across skill sets & knowledge areas
  • Former and current Olympians, especially local

3. Governance

  • Board/management committee
  • Sub-committees
  • Maybe beyond Petrie

While this provides a summary of the feedback we received at the meeting, we captured far more details which will be leveraged as we define the TOR and prepare for an EOI process.

Thank you again for your contribution and I will keep you abreast of developments. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please contact me on 3284 8008 or

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