Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients

The Government  will ensure that the welfare system provides strong incentives for people to tackle any barriers they have to looking for work and taking a job when it is available.  Hardworking Australians would not expect that their tax dollars would be used to fund the drug habits of welfare recipients.

Under the trial, 5,000 new recipients of Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance (other) will be selected for random drug testing.

Job seekers who test positive will be immediately placed on welfare quarantining and required to undergo further drug testing to help curb the devastating addition on themselves, their families and the community.

This two year trial of random drug tests (commencing 1 January 2018) will be a condition of receiving a welfare payment.

If the jobseeker is determined by a medical professional to have a serious substance dependence issue, treatment plans may form part of their mutual obligations.

Jobseekers that are selected for a test and refuse to take it will lose access to welfare.

This will ensure people with substance abuse issues are getting the help that they need and that people have confidence their taxes aren’t being used to fund illegal lifestyles.