Budget 2019

Budget 2019

Our plan for a stronger economy

The Government’s economic plan and this Budget are building a stronger economy and securing a better future for all Australians. This Budget and our economic plan are:

  • Returning the budget to surplus
  • Delivering more jobs
  • Providing lower taxes
  • Guaranteeing essential services like Medicare, schools, hospitals and roads

What does this mean for locals?

Local jobs and better services rely on a stronger economy. With over 1.2 million jobs created across Australia, the lowest level of welfare dependency in 30 years and the Budget returning to surplus, this Government has a strong record of economic management.

To ensure a stronger economy for our future, the Government is fixing the Budget, backing small businesses, lowering taxes, investing in infrastructure, boosting exports and making electricity more affordable.

Supporting Local Businesses

Small and medium businesses in Petrie are benefiting from tax relief legislated by the Government.

Local businesses will benefit from the Government’s instant asset write off scheme which enables businesses to invest in machinery and equipment up to a value of $30,000.

Easing ease cost of living

Taxpayers in Petrie will benefit from tax relief in 2018-19 as a result of the Government’s enhanced personal income tax plan with 30176 receiving the full tax offset of $1,080.

Since we came to office the Age Pension has increased by $117.80 for singles per fortnight and by $177.40 for couples per fortnight, benefitting the 19362 Age Pensioners that live in Petrie. The Morrison Government will continue to increase pension payments for the 19362 Age Pensioners in Petrie in March and September each year.

Record funding for health

All local hospitals have had significant increases in funding. Australian Government funding for public hospital services in Queensland has increased by 84% since we came to office (from $2.7 billion in 2012-13 to $4.9 billion in 2019-20).

Funding increases at local hospitals available here: www.health.gov.au/health-funding-facts.

The GP bulk billing rate in Petrie is 86%. Last year, over 1,013,175 GP visits were bulk billed in Petrie – 253,466 more than Labor’s last year in Government (2012-13).

Record funding for education & children

Funding for all 24 public schools in Petrie is increasing by around 50% per student over a decade to 2029. Funding increases at local schools available here: www.education.gov.au/school-funding-estimator.

More than 8,400 local families in Petrie are benefiting from the New Child Care Package.

Keeping our community safe

Our first priority is keeping the community safe. In Queensland we have deported over 1108 dangerous criminals since coming to office with 203 deported just last year.

The Government is investing $737 million over seven years for mental health, including $461 million to help young people. This funding will reduce waitlists for youth mental health services, address youth suicide and provide a range of new community support services.