It’s not often that thousands of volunteers around Petrie electorate come together to collect piles of rubbish, but when they do the result is tremendous said The Federal Minister for Petrie Luke Howarth MP.

Hundreds of bags of rubbish were removed from Petrie streets, parks, bushland and waterways on March 2.

Luke Howarth MP said the event was one of those amazing days throughout the year that reveal the magnitude of a community’s spirit, with schools, families, community groups and individuals all coming together for the sake of the environment.

“But it was also a day that exposed just how much rubbish people are throwing onto the streets, into bushland, rivers and creeks.”

On the day, Luke Howarth MP joined the Bracken Ridge Lions Club in donning a pair of gloves and removing rubbish.

“I arrived at McPherson Park, where I registered and met some local people who were also helping out. Then I was sent to the creek at the end of Denham Street opposite the Bracken Ridge Tavern.

“We collected several bags of rubbish and even pulled shopping carts, a mattress and an old car radiator out of the creek bed,” he said.

“I would like to thank the Bracken Ridge Lions Club and every other volunteer for the time and effort they put into caring for our beautiful electorate.

“Every time someone throws a cigarette butt out the window or throws a bottle or plastic bag on the ground, either someone else has to pick it up or it ends up in the creek, damaging habitats.

“I hope the amount of rubbish that was collected on the day – more than 15-thousand tonnes nationally – will encourage wilful litterers to stop.”

Since Clean Up Australia Day began in 1990, Australians have donated more than a million hours to remove an estimated 288,650 tonnes of rubbish from 145,754 sites across the country.

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