Australian Live Sheep Exports

In response to the footage, Luke contacted the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources for comment on the matter.

Luke and the Coalition Government condemn cruelty to animals and take animal welfare very seriously.

Australia requires level of animal welfare much higher than other countries do through the live export supply chain.

However, sustainable live export trade is an important contributor to jobs in rural communities across Australia. It gives prosperity of cattle, sheep and goat producers and their families’ vital extra options for sale.

Out of more than 100 live exporting countries, Australia is the only one that requires World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) welfare standards to be met as a minimum for exported livestock.

On Wednesday the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources received footage provided by Animals Australia which alleges that expected animal welfare standards are not being met on some live export voyages to the Middle East in the northern summer.

The Minister was shocked and deeply disturbed by the vision and immediately directed the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to urgently investigate.

The Minister had received the mortality report from the August 2017 voyage last Thursday and immediately wrote to the Department and the industry demanding answers.

The Coalition Government supports farmers who rely on live export and the exporters who do the right thing. Farmers care for their animals and they will be angry and hurt when they see this footage.

The Coalition Government would like to create an environment where groups, whistleblowers and individuals are comfortable and confident coming forward so they can nail those who do the wrong thing.

These are serious allegations and the Department is working to investigate the information as quickly as possible.